Creative Technology

"Technology gives the quietest student a voice."

-Jerry Blumengarten

Hummingbird Robotics Kits 

Students combine craft materials, robotic components and a custom visual-programming tool to build and animate their own robotic creations. Our initial target audience was middle school girls, but the project now engages both genders from elementary school through high school. 

Gigapan Kits 

An earthly adaptation of NASA’s Mars Rover imaging technology - GigaPan helps bring distant communities and peoples together through images that have so much detail that they are, themselves, the objects of exploration, discovery, and wonder. Using a small robotic device, point and shoot camera, stitching software, interactive online platforms and large-scale prints, GigaPan is enabling people to explore, experience, and share each other's world.

Speck Air Quality Monitor

Speck is a low-cost, indoor fine particulate monitor developed as a tool for citizen science and personal exposure tracking. This information can empower communities and individuals to understand and take control of their air quality. 

FOSS Science

Hummingbird Robotics Kit is designed to enable engineering and robotics activities.| CMU CREATE Lab spin-off, BirdBrain Technologies

Circuitry Kits

Children explore electricity through hands-on engagement with a kit of components designed for young hands. Utilizing this learning, children disassemble toys, identify components and then repurpose and reconfigure these internal components into new circuits, empowering them with new relationships and understandings of their world.

Little Bits 

littleBits is a learning platform, aligned with West Virginia teaching standards, of easy to use electronic building blocks that are color coded according to function.  These blocks snap together easily with magnets in seemingly endless combinations allowing children to build their creative confidence as they use the blocks to become inventors and problem solvers.  STEAM Students Sets are available as well as the new littleBits Coding Kits that engage students with game building as they learn coding skills.


FOSS Science Kits

The Harless CREATE Satellite has a laptop lending lab that will support the CREATE programs.  Please let us know if the laptops can assist in your implementation.

Outdoor Education Tools

We offer a number of outdoor education tools to support you and your children as you explore the outdoors. Please inquire for more details.